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Revolutionizing Legal Operations: A Case Study on Supercharging Efficiency in a Modern Law Firm


Law Firm Managing Partner, Lead Attorney Customer since 2021

ABOUT LAW FIRM The law firm ("Law Firm") is primarily a transactional firm with high-value clients which operate on a need for strategic confidentiality, based in the state Texas. With over 40 years of collective experience, the firm has established itself as a leader in their specialty. Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to a wide range of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their services include contract drafting and negotiation, corporate governance, business organization, and more. Law Firm's stated mission is to help their clients achieve their goals and objectives by providing the highest caliber legal services with the utmost efficiency. They strive to be a trusted partner in their clients’ success and to provide a positive and productive environment for their employees. The Law Firm is committed to giving back to the community and regularly participates in local charity events as a team.


Disparate goals & little visibility to shared matters Law Firm was faced with the challenge of organizing and identifying redundant and/or out-of-date work. Working from a single-user cloud drive meant multiple attorneys could unknowingly access and work the same versions of a document creating overwriting issues. They also struggled with losing track of the most recent updates that had been negotiated. These challenges had a significant impact on projected bandwidth that was negatively impacting resources the firm wanted to dedicate back to attorneys through work-life balance. Without efficient work processes, Law Firm was struggling to accurately project or allocate their resources as effectively as possible, in turn, this had an undesirable impact on both revenue and morale.

“The challenge that we were facing was a redundant work nightmare, with multiple attorneys working on the same task at once, this created an immense burden on me as the partner. Not only was this hugely time-consuming, but it also posed a risk to the quality of the final product, as there was no guarantee without calling a meeting, that the most recent updates of the document were taken into account.”


Document management tool & process optimization

FINLEY7 provided the Law Firm with legal tech stack consulting, platform implementation & customization, process management review, and leadership consulting to help improve their overall business operations. We started off with an initial analysis of their current technology and then moved into a week-long discovery to fully understand the natural workflow, and gather everything from the firm’s requirements to their desires. After a thorough review of the goals and pain points, we recommended a tool that had the required capabilities right out of the box, alongside process suggestions, customized user training, and ongoing support. The automation improved the quality and speed of the work, giving attorneys a clear focus and allowing for new versions of documents to be saved securely and automatically. As a result, the Law Firm was able to improve their system’s security, efficiency, and the attorneys' ability to collaborate on projects.


Stronger collaboration & doubled attorney headcount

Law Firm sought to increase remote team collaboration, & build a secure avenue for clients to communicate with attorneys other than sending files back and forth via email. FINLEY7 provided tech stack consulting in conjunction with implementing automation capabilities to the current workflow to help meet the company’s needs. FINLEY7 performed an initial analysis of the existing technology being used and gathered all the necessary requirements for the firm. Additionally, they reviewed the key goals and pain points with the partner and presented the best possible solutions given the context.

Not only did FINLEY7 assist with the implementation of the selected solution, but also the automation, team training, and ongoing support. As a result, Law Firm was able to enhance remote team collaboration significantly, which in turn opened the runway for the firm to stop turning down work and double the number of attorneys.

“FINLEY7's implementation of a secure document management system and collaboration tool has revolutionized the way we work. It enabled us almost overnight to streamline our processes and communicate more efficiently not just internally, but client-facing as well."
"Being in control of the workflow day-to-day is a powerful shift for an attorney. We weren’t very open to working with a consultant at first but F7 was willing to listen, ask insightful questions, and deeply understand where we were coming from before suggesting any solutions. The result is so bad*ss”


The outcome of Law Firm's use of the document management solution and integrated tech stack consulting by Finley7 increased remote collaboration and reduced attorney error rates. Together, the platform implementation and technical consultation enabled the firm to better meet the ultimate goal of streamlining workflow to drive increased hiring capacity. Law Firm is committed to continuing to use these tools in order to maximize their impact and maintain their commitment to excellent client experiences.


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