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Nicole Cook, Finley7 Consulting CEO & Founder

Nicole Cook

Nicole Cook, CEO & Founder at Finley7, is a seasoned management and process consultant with over a decade of expertise in technical delivery and leadership. As a Salesforce-certified professional, Ms. Cook takes pride in her ability to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations and solve complex challenges.


Her clients have come to rely on her inquisitive  and communicative nature alongside a proficiency in business process optimization, workflow consolidation, case and project management, product development, and navigating complex legal process flows by utilizing technology. Nicole has a strong passion for helping businesses achieve their goals, and her extensive hands-on experience has honed her ability to balance the needs of stakeholders with the unique demands of regulatory compliance. She remains abreast of the latest trends and technologies in her field to ensure her clients stay ahead of their competition. 


When not immersed in work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to explore new cities, experiencing local culture, trying new foods, hiking, cheesy movies from the 90’s, and binge re-watching episodes of "The Office”. 

Nicole Cook, Glassblowing
Keegan Tague, Finley7 Consulting
Keegan Tague, CEO & Founder

Keegan Tague

Keegan is the COO & Founder here at Finley7, a dynamic professional with a diverse background in leading consulting teams and SaaS programs. Whether he's solving complex problems, delving into tabletop strategy gaming, working on his motorcycle, or tinkering with electronics, Keegan is fueled by a passion for learning and puzzles.

Keegan kick-started his career in the Salesforce and IT Admin world, gaining valuable experience before transitioning into consulting. His journey took him from an Associate role to becoming a Lead & Architect, and ultimately a Senior Portfolio Manager responsible for managing an impressive seven-figure book of business at a leading Salesforce partner. Eager to embrace new challenges, Keegan made the bold decision to establish Finley7 with Nicole, creating an opportunity to focus on solving clients' problems in a dynamic and flexible environment.

With a natural inclination for problem-solving and an entrepreneurial spirit, Keegan thrives on delivering effective solutions to clients. His expertise and adaptability allow him to navigate complex landscapes with ease, ensuring client satisfaction and success. Keegan's drive to constantly learn and grow, combined with his passion for providing exceptional service, make him an invaluable asset to any project or endeavor.

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